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What Are You Doing To

Protect Your Family From

Trauma and Chaos? 

An amazing 3 days of actionable information from leading experts in executor, estate planning and much more...



SEPTEMBER 23rd - 25th 2021

Your Executor Estate Summits' Mission is simple....

Who to pick, what to say, and how to say it to leave your family well taken care of


Having conversations and planning your estate is not an easy job.


You want to get things right, but you know you could be doing more to make it easier on your family not leave them traumatized and disorganized.


• Let them know what your wishes are


• Leave a legacy behind to last a long time


• Avoid family fights and disagreements


• Pick an executor that is prepared


• Don’t leave a large tax bill behind for your family to pay


• Create a solid and simple estate plan


You can do all of these things without creating chaos for your family in case of an emergency.


The best part: It can be simple.

 The Executor Estate Summit is About Simplifying Your Estate Planning.

12+ experts over 3 days will teach you strategies you can use to both create and simplify your estate plans, making it easier on your executor no matter which stage you’re at.


Maybe you’re...


● Frustrated with not taking time to prepare your family in case of emergency


● You’ve been procrastinating never finding the right time. But will that time ever come?


● Feeling like you're always behind getting your affairs in order, and never making any real



● Never taking the time to have the conversations if you are an executor or talking to your executor and preparing them for the job.


Whatever it is for you, it’s time to take action.


Hi! I’m David Edey a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) who has worked in the financial planning industry for more than 35 years.


I am also the author of Executor Help - How to Settle an Estate Pick an Executor and Avoid Family Fights.


No one likes talking about death and inheritances before they absolutely have to, but as I’ve learned from personal experience, having these conversations earlier, rather than later, will save a lot of time and money, alleviate a ton of stress and ill feeling, and ensure that the deceased’s wishes are properly and efficiently carried out.


I created this summit in order to help others successfully navigate the difficult tasks of estate planning and executorship—so that  families could stay together, rather than fall apart.


Day 1 - September 23

David Edey

September 23, Thursday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

Opening Session:  10 Reasons Why You Need an Estate Plan

In this EES Session, David covers why estate planning is not just for rich people; it’s an opportunity for people of any age to control who will inherit their money and property, and to decide who can make medical and financial decisions on their behalf if they’re unable to do so themselves. 


Since the coronavirus pandemic has become a threat to us all, it has made more people realize the importance of being prepared for the unexpected at any age.


Cindy Arledge

September 23, Thursday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

Family Harmony Makes You Wealthy

In this EES Expert Session, Cindy talks about how families can create a Family Harmony Plan to resolve conflict, build trust, communication and have more fun together.

Lesley Nase

September 23 Thursday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

The Biggest Mistakes Made When Estate Planning for Pets

In this EES session, Lesley talks about the dangers of not having a plan for the furry members of the family. What if there are no instructions? There is a fight for the pets or no one wants to take them 

Jim Comer

September 23 Thursday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

Intensive Care is No Place to Find Out Dad Had No Will

In this EES session, Jim talks about  how caregivers can be less stressed, less likely to get sick themselves, and will not put unrealistic expectations on themselves or their parents.


They will be able to enjoy their parents for who they are now rather than worrying that they are not who they used to be.


They will be able to enjoy the good times, the touching moments and the closeness to their parents without worrying about whether they are being the "perfect" caregivers.


As soon as they realize there are no perfect caregivers, it will be easier on everyone. 

Charles Ticker

September 23 Thursday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

Does a Will Need to Be Fair?

In this EES session, Chales covers the typical executor fights and problems. What you can do to avoid them? Save your family money.

Day 2 - September 24

Peter Christman

September 24  Friday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

"I Just Threw Out My Last Custom Made Double Breasted Suit." 

What to Think About When Your Life's Alarm Clock is Set

In this EES session, Peter talks about his outlook now that he has found out he has one year left. This is when your life's alarm clock is set.


Jon Braddock

September 24 Friday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

Your Digital Life Continues Without You 

In this EES session, Jon covers what you need to do with your digital life. How to make it easier for your executor and family not to leave them in chaos.

Alyse Parise

September 24 Friday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

How Not to Get Blindsided by Death or Divorce

In this EES session, Alyse will talk about the dangers and stress brought about by the end of a marriage or sudden death. How do you handle the trauma and chaos?

Gordon Vanderleek

September 24 Friday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

Estate Planning For Children With Special Needs

In the EES session, Gordon will talk about how to have peace of mind knowing your loved one will be provided for. How costly estate litigation can be avoided and the right people are in charge of carrying out the plan.

Day 3 - September 25

Dana Garnett

September 25 Saturday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

The 5 Steps Smart Family Business Partners are Using to 
Stop Fighting and Save Their Business and Their Relationship 
(without a costly legal battle or needing therapy!)

In this EES session, Dana talks about how to keep a family business out of court and destroying it forever.

Joan Sharp 

September 25 Saturday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

We are All Inheritors - It is a Matter of When We Start

In this EES session, Joan talks about the trials and tribulations all inheritors face. Some are successful, others are doomed to financial failure.

Paul Nazareth

September 25 Saturday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

How to be strategic about your personal charitable donations.

In this EES session, Paul talks about the benefits and problems to avoid with charitable gift giving.

Marianne Van Oyen

September 25 Saturday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

What Is The Best Way To Deal With Grief?

In this EES session, Marianne talks about the best way families can support each other through the grieving process by understanding the complexities of grief and grieving. 

David Edey

September 25 Saturday @ 9:00 AM EST | 6:00 AM PST

Closing Session


There is not another summit in 2021 where will you get to learn from some of the leading executor and estate planning experts on the planet, sharing their best tips and strategies to help make it easier on you and your family. 

It's completely free to watch the presentations

You can watch all the presentations for they will be kept online for an additional 48 hours. You can also purchase an VIP Access Pass if you want lifetime access to the recordings!

Watch from anywhere and on any device

Login from wherever you are and whatever you're doing during the summit on your Computer, Laptop, Phone or Tablet.  Due to Covid -19 restrictions no need to go hundreds of miles to drive to a hotel or miss the event if you are on holiday.

No selling, just pure educational presentations to help you.

Our awesome Estate Executor Summit is filled with the latest actionable information to help your achieve your estate planning goals now and for the future.

handpicked collection of talented executor and estate planning experts.

Everyone of our expert speakers was selected for their proven excellence and knowledge in the area of executor and estate planning, so you know you will be learning from the best.


  • It's never been more important, easier to create or update your estate plan

  • 9 things the pandemic taught us about estate planning

  • How Family Harmony Makes You Wealthy

  • Here's why you should never be afraid to talk to your children about your wishes 

  • 5 things to consider about your online assets and estate planning

  • If you have a business an estate plan is not enough why you need a succession plan

  • Your 3 best options to talk to parents if you are the executor.

  • How to make sure your small children are taken care of in your estate plan

  • The biggest mistakes made when you are Estate Planning For Pets.

  • How to Be a Good Executor of a Will or Estate

  • Dying without a Will – A Mess – A Stress Avoidable

  • How to not to get your executor sued.


WhWhy not get it right when naming an executor and filling other key roles in your estate plan? And Avoid Family Fights!

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